Bike Rental Barcelona

Bike Rental Barcelona

The best Barcelona bike rental place

Our shop is the best bike rental Barcelona thanks to its location and accessibility. By-Cycle offers modern, fast and comfortable bikes for rent for moving around the urban area in a quick and cheap way. 

Have a look at our rental bicycles and our rates and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

By-Cycle is your ideal rent-a-bike shop! We are located in El Raval area in the very centre of Barcelona and just a few meters away from Las Ramblas and near the MACBA museum (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona).

bike rental in barcelona
bike rental in barcelona

We offer bicycles for hire for those who want to move around the city in a cheap, green and agile way.
Lightweight, comfortable, reliable and fully equipped bicycles with all the services:

  • Front and rear lights
  • Adjustable and padded seat
  • Three speeds controlled from the handlebar
  • Basket
  • Reinforced wheels
  • Anti-puncture tyres
  • Bike kickstand
  • Rear wheel lock for short stops

And the prices include helmets, 4 locks, baby seats and all the taxes!

Bike Rentals Barcelona, our rates:

bike rental shop logo

2 hours


4 hours


Full journey*


24 hours


48 hours


Extra Days**


One week


* Till 20.00h the same day

** From the 3rd Day

The best Bike Rental Barcelona:

  • Fully checked bikes in very good state
  • Will explain you how to use the locks
  • Will give you some tips about the city
  • We care about you as a customer
  • Perfect location in Raval Barcelona old town, near Gòtic and Born
  • Rent from 2 hours to one week
  • Helmets and locks included
  • Front and Rear led lights included
  • We speak english, spanish and portuguese
  • Open every day

Check our Free Bike Tours:

Routes written in English, guided on Google Maps

Read the FAQ’s about Barcelona bicycle rentals

Why is it a good idea renting a bike in Barcelona?

Moving around with a rental bike in Barcelona is a great experience if you want to visit the city from another point of view and in a green way. The majority of the tourists move by metro, but below the surface you miss many of the details that define a city: the differences among the different neighborhoods, how the level of activity changes from one street to another, the different kind of shops you can find in different parts of the city and even you can identify the economic level of the inhabitants of the different zones you pass by. As well with a rental bike in Barcelona you can explore and move at double or even triple the speed you move on foot and without depending on public transport schedules or having to orientate yourself through different metro and bus lines to reach your destination.

Is it safe to ride a rental bicycle in Barcelona?

Moving with a rental bike in Barcelona is extremely safe. With the 2015 local elections there was a change of government team in the city council, and this new government is making an effort on changing the mobility tendences all around the city. This meant that the number of kilometers of bike lanes have doubled, by the end of 2019 there will be more than 230 km of operative bike lanes, and the objective is reaching more than 300 km of bike lanes by the end of 2019. With this new tendence the bicycle is taking space from the private vehicle, giving the cyclists safe spaces for their rides. With this expansion of bike lanes Barcelona is becoming one of the most bike-friendly cities in Spain and Europe: the council wants that in 3 years every citizen have a bike lane less than 300 meters away form their home.

What are the pros of renting a bike vs public transport?

The first of the reasons is the price, which is almost the same. A daily ticket for the metro is 8,60€ but for just 1,40€ more -the price of a coffee- you can rent a bicycle in Barcelona from us for a whole day, including helmets, locks, basket and baby-seats if needed. The public transport doesn’t give you the freedom you have with a bicycle, you have to orientate yourself through different metro and bus lines and finding the stops and entrances.

The second reason is the experience by itself. Moving with a bike rental Barcelona is an experience full of sensations, colours, sounds and scents. The bicycle allows you to move around and integrate inside the city life at the same time, in a green and nature friendly way, without missing those small details that difference a city from another.

How far can I go with a rental bike in Barcelona?

It all depends on the speed you can move, how fit you are and the zones you want to visit. Moving at low speed you can trace a circle of about 20 km in less than 2 hours. That’s a big distance for Barcelona, so inside this route you will find almost all the tourist attractions of the city that appear in your guide. As well, Barcelona is flat or with a small inclination towards the coast, so don’t worry about big hills. You will only find a bit of uphill when you move direction north. If you travel those 20 km in a whole day, making stops for eating, having a drink, for the visits… you will see the most interesting spots of the city at a really slow pace and without big efforts.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet on a bicycle?

According to the regulation for riding a bicycle in Barcelona the helmet is only mandatory for children under 15. However, in By-Cycle we care about safety and the helmet is one of the things included in the price for every customer, children and adult.

Can I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk?

According to the normative bicycles can’t ride on the sidewalks if the sidewalk is less than 5 meters wide. That means that you can’t ride you bike rental in Barcelona in almost no one of the sidewalks in the city, with the exception of few streets where its sidewalks are wide enough. However, you can ride on the sidewalk during the night from 22.00h to 7.00h. Children under 15 and their parents/responsables can ride there at any time too. In By-Cycle we recommend you to search for the bike lanes -you have almost 200 km of bike lanes inside the city- and don’t ride on the sidewalk to avoid fines and infractions.

Is it safe to leave my bicycle unattended?

Leaving your bike unattended and without any lock is a very bad idea. In 2018 around 3.000 bicycles were robbed in the city, what makes an average of 4 bicycles robbed every day. The price of the bike rentals Barcelona with By-Cycle includes two high security lockers, so you can safely park your bicycle during the stops. In By-Cycle we recommend that you leave the bikes always locked by the frame to any of the 13.000 locking points available in the city. If you make a short stop like money withdrawals, have a drink, tapas, restaurants, etc, you can leave the bicycle on the kickstand if you can see it. However, we recommend you to use one of the lockers to block a wheel anyway. It is better to be safe than to regret for a lost bike!

  1. As lessee, you take full responsibility of any damages, losses or theft of components or accessories during the bike rental period. By-Cycle Bike Rental Barcelona offers an optional insurance at the price of 5€/day per hired bicycle to cover these damages and/or thefts. However, the loss of the whole bicycle or the damages on the structure/frame will not be covered by this insurance.
  2. As lessee, you accept that is it your responsibility to follow the traffic and parking rules and to ride our bicycles in a responsible manner. Don’t risk yourself or the other drivers and/or pedestrians.
  3. A deposit is required to proceed to a bike rental barceona with By-Cycle, you have 3 options:
    1. Official document in force: passport, European ID card or European Driving License (just for a Full Day rentals or less)
    2. Cash
    3. Temporary blocking in debit/credit card
  4. For any inquiries just Contact Us

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