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Visit all the attractions in Barcelona by bicycle

Barcelona has become during these last years in one of the most bike friendly cities in Europe, thanks to the creation of an extended bike path network, parkings and bicycle related services. In this month’s post we propose you a route by bike through Barcelona with one of our By-Cycle’s bikes. When moving by bicycle there are many options and destinations, so the route we are about to propose you has infinite variations, as many as you want to do on it.

The proposed route is about 15 km long aproximately, what means that if you were doing it straight away without stops it would take you more or less about one hour. The idea is to make the route at your own rythm and making stops to on the places you visit, what may take you around 3 or 4 hours. If you want to lay on the beach for a while or go for a nice lunch the whole route can take you all day. In resume: you choose the duration.

As well you should know two things. The first one is that almost the whole route is on flat terrain, only for reaching to Gràcia neighborhood you will find a bit of uphill (60 metres of unevennes, that is nothing!) so don’t be afraid to finish the day completely wasted. Second thing is that if you choose to do the route in a whole day, without hurrying, the rent price will be 10€, almost the same price of a daily pass for using the metro, which is 8.60€ but you will have more freedom and it will be way more fun.

The complete route: 15 kilometers all of them on bike lane

  1. Will start the route on our By-Cycle Shop and will start moving south crossing the Raval till arrive to the monument of Columbus, one of the famous attractions of the city.
  2. From here, and following Paseo de Colón, we will reach the sailor neighborhood of Barceloneta, a very vivid zone, near the most known beach in the city and with multiple attractions like Hotel W, the port and the casino.
  3. Just a few minutes away we can arrive to Gothic neighborhood, where you can cycle freely so it is closed to traffic. Nearby there is Park of Ciutadella, a very frequented place by people that want to relax with friends, sunbathe or play a few tunes on the guitar.
  4. A few minutes away from Ciutadella we can find Agbar Tower, designed by the french architect Jean Nouvel, next to it there is the building of the National Theatre.
  5. If you are in front of Agbar Tower, Sagrada Familia is just a few streets away, so it is worth going there to visit one of the most famous basilicas on the world.
  6. From there and following the bike lane on Diagonal street we will arrive to Gràcia neighborhood, where we can enjoy the most modern and hipster bars of the city and a lot of activity on the streets and squares.
  7. From Gràcia neighborhood we will move south and you will be able to ride with your bicycle by the famous Paseo de Gràcia and visit two of the most well-known buildings in the world: Casa Milà and Batlló building. 
  8. Plaça Catalunya is just a hundred meters away, and with a few meters more you will reach our shop, where you will be able to return the bike.

The bicycle route on the map

By-Cycle, your bicycle shop

We can offer you more routes like these one when you rent your bicycle for moving through the city. Just ask us and we will be pleased to help you.

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